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Alastair Chisholm: Orion Lost & Adam-2

"There was a ship, in space, lost.
A colony ship, taking a group of brave new-worlders off to some distant settlement."
Across all of known space, it seemed inevitable that the most likely threat was not the vacuum, not asteroids, not even alien life forms - it was other humans. (s. 52)
Alastair Chisholmin Orion Lost on ahmittavaa varhaisnuorten (middle grade) scifiä. Joukko ihmisiä on matkalla kohti uutta kotiplaneettaansa, mutta jokin menee pieleen. Vain kuusi 11-13-vuotiasta lasta herää matkaa nopeuttavan avaruushypyn jälkeen.
"There has been an accident. There was an Event. As a result of this Event, it was necessary to carry out an emergency Jump. -- The emergency Jump was compromised. -- In event of no active crew members, command falls to any viable crew member with sufficent Command Training. -- The remaining candidates are Vihaan Joshi and Beth McKay. -- Beth McKay, you are the most senior viable candidate for command. You are therefore designated acting captain of the starship Orion and all its crew."
She laughed. "Ship, I'm not the captain! I can't be! I'm only thirteen! I'm a kid!" (s. 78-80 ja 84)
Heidän on korjattava jättimäisen avaruusaluksen ongelmia ja yritettävä samalla pysyä väleissä, sillä aluksen tietokone valitsee kapteeniksi päähenkilö Bethin, eikä kapteenin poikaa Vihaania. Kaksikon välillä onkin paljon kahnauksia, mutta mitä tapahtuu, kun nuoret tajuavat, että asiat ovat vielä enemmän sekaisin kuin he ovat aluksi tajunneetkaan? Kuka valehtelee ja miksi?
"We're never alone. Ship is alway watching us." (s. 119)
Tässä on paljon samaa kuin Lost in Space -tv-sarjassa, Kenta Shinoharan Astra - Avaruuden haaksirikkoiset -mangassa, Beth Revisin Across the Universe, K.A. Applegaten Remnants ja Timo Palvelan Kepler62 -sarjoissa sekä Eliot Schreferin The Darkness Outside Us -kirjassa.
"This is an unexpected situation but not an emergency. We have a ship that can keep us alive for as long as we need. We don't know how to repair the Jump drive, yet - but we'll figure it out. We're not helpless. and we're not alone. We've got Ship to help us, keep us safe. We will get home. It's just a question of figuring out how." (s. 116)
After a catastrophic Unknown Event leaves the colony ship Orion stranded deep in space, it’s up to thirteen-year-old Beth and her friends to navigate through treacherous and uncharted territory and reach safety. But a heavily damaged ship, a mysterious alien species, space pirates, and an Artificial Intelligence which Beth suspects may be lying to her mean that getting home has never been so difficult.
Hugely gripping, with incredible twists and a fast-paced, action-packed story, this is an unputdownable science fiction adventure – perfect for fans of Mortal Engines and Star Wars.
361 sivua, 2020 Nosy Crow
"In Father's world, there were those in charge, and those below. They ruled the world, Father and those like him. They lived with unimaginable wealth, and they treated the million, billions people below as if they didn't even matter. -- There were riots. And strikes - the peple refused to work, demanded change. But to a man like Father, the solution was simple - build better workers."
Luettuani Orion Lostin katsoin olisiko kirjaston kokoelmaan hankittu enemmänkin Chisholmin teoksia. Adam-2 osoittautui kivaksi lukupalaksi joulukiireiden keskellä. Adam on robottiprototyyppi, joka on viimeiset 200 vuotta asunut rakentajansa (jota hän kutsuu isäksi) talon kellarissa. Eräänä päivänä hänen päivärutiininsa häiriintyvät, kun kaksi ihmistä tunkeutuu lukitsemattomasta ovesta. Adamin isä on sanonut, että sen tulee harjoitella hyvänä poikana olemista ja se ei saa lähteä kellarista.
Shattered houses, rubble, spikes of raw metal pointing at the sky, drifts of old material fluttering in the morning breeze. Everything was blackened and hollow, squares of empty windows with the glass blown out, weeds reclaiming the stones. Most of the buildings were either partly or wholly destroyed.
"Is it like this everywhere?" he asked. He still found it difficult to process. "The whole world?"
"There might be others out there, but we can't reach them. As far as we know... we're all that's left." (s. 32 ja 94-95)
Ihmiset ovat nuorempi tyttö Runa ja Linden-niminen muunsukupuolinen nuori (hänen pronomininsa ovat ze ja hir). Alun hankaluuksien jälkeen Adam lähtee nuorten mukaan ja suojelee heitä, käyttäytymismalli, jota ihmisten on vaikea ymmärtää, sillä Funksit (eli robotit, joilla on Functional Consciousness, toiminnallinen tietoisuus) tappavat ihmisiä.
"You are Runa. You are humam female." It turned towards Linden. "You are Linden. You are a human female-" 
"No I'm not", snapped Linden. 
The machine's eyes moved horribly, blinking. "Your bone structure suggests-" 
"Linden's non-binary", said Runa. "NB, enby, yes? No defined gender. Do you know what that means?" 
"Of course", it said. "Linden is neither male nor female. -- Which pronouns would you prefer me to use?" (s. 12-13)
Adam oppii, että maailma on muuttunut paljon niiden vuosien aikana, kun se on ollut suljettuna yhteen huoneeseen. Tapahtumia seurataan Adamin ja Lindenin näkökulmista. Ihan huimaa, että tässä on ei-binäärinen hahmo ja kuinka toiseutta voidaan tuoda nerokkaasti esille laittamalla toiseksi kertojaksi robotti.
Midwinter was coming soon, she said, and there would be a celebration. One day she pulled Adam to the window and they watched as an enormous pine tree, five meters tall or more, was dragged up through the gates of Keep and into the courtyard. (s. 140)
Adam-2 has been locked in the basement of a lost building for over two hundred years – until he emerges into a world ruined by a civil war between humans and advanced intelligence. Hunted by both sides, Adam discovers that he holds the key to the war, and the power to end it – to destroy one side and save the other. But first, Adam must decide who – and what – he really is.
320 sivua, 2021 Nosy Crow

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